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After their 2013 debut Winterhearth quickly gained recognition from the local metal scene gaining die-hard fans that rally out to every show. Excitement spread as local media outlets such as The Scope and The Newfoundland Herald took notice giving them enough exposure to reach number six on Fred’s Records chart. Once Metalheads Forever Magazine heard Winterhearth’s Curse the Summer they reached out for an interview which paved the way for a wave of new fans internationally. The melding of early black metal influences with a heavy dose of thrash and death elements brought Winterhearth’s sophomore album Resettlement into a dense realm of force. After realizing that Winterhearth is the raw embodiment of metal, Metalheads Forever asked the band to record an official anthem for the community and the result was 3:30 minutes of amalgamated metal insanity released early 2017.    

Only the most rugged beings are able to thrive in harsh arctic environments. However, it is from these dismal conditions Winterhearth grows into a relentless beast, blasting its bombardment of extreme metal onto the unsuspecting. From the early age of 12, frontman Andrew Marsh picked up the guitar as his weapon of choice to influence the world. First dabbling in classics like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Megadeth, before growing into Children of Bodom, Kreator, and Annihilator. Andrew absorbed these metal heavy weights and twisted their concepts even further, creating his own style of aggressive tunes. Vital to the plan were likeminded visionaries who would execute his mission of releasing Winterhearth upon the world.

In order to back the guttural vocals and furious guitar a penetrating rhythm section was needed to cut through the intensity and deliver the final sonic blow to listeners. This menacing task was assigned to Brad Ivany on drums and Robbie Butler on bass who both flawlessly assimilated into the savage that is Winterhearth. Brad’s development of a passion for metal, and music in general, as a young child allowed him to become a proficient musician who is able to play multiple different instruments with ease. With his impeccable understanding of music theory he is able to contribute far more to the band than the average drummer. Like Andrew, Brad also expressed a further interested in the music industry by enrolling in a recording arts program.  Now Winterhearth’s frigid embodiment has a devastating pulse to perpetuation its dominance.  As for Robbie, he owes a musical debt to his brother for being the first to introduce him to a bass while still in the seventh grade. Notably, Robbie first cut-his-teeth in metal approximately a year prior when his dad brought home Iron Maiden’s Power Slave and Led Zeppelin IV, forever changing his world perspective.  Previous Winterhearth endeavours bring to mind elements of Carcass and Darkthrone, although their new efforts tie in aspects of melodic death metal and hardcore punk to add contrast into the mix. Blackened thrash perfected.

No doubt Curse the Summer was steeped in raw energy. However, the upcoming album, Resettlement, will take audiences through a more melodic experience, while maintaining technicality and energetic vigor. Currently the boys are tearing through summer 2016 by keeping busy off and on stage. In between preparation for the eight shows they have booked, from June to August, Winterhearth are toiling in the studio to produce their second full length album. Over a year has passed since Curse the Summer and everybody is salivating for more. Although still unsympathetically heavy, Resettlement ventures past the limits set in previous works. Moving beyond the music, the band is also treading new lyrical territory by hitting close to home with politically charged lyrics detesting the past treatment of Aboriginal people in Newfoundland, as well as the hardships of resettlement experienced by Newfoundlanders due to poor political policies. The band’s growth is evident as they experiment with song structure. The audio feast has commenced. Come devour it with us!

                                                                                                                                                 - Jay Rollins
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“I just love the sound and the rawness of [Curse the Summer], very intense and extreme but very melodic and deep.”
                                      - David Maloney
                                         Metalheads Forever

"Winterhearth has set the island's metal scene on fire with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Curse the Summer"
                                     -   Dillion Collins 
                                          The Newfoundland                                                         Herald
  • Metal on Loud  issue #8

  • Metal on Loud issue #6

  • The Scope's Best Of Reader's Survey Silver Metal Award 2013
  • The Party on CHMR Album Of The Year Nomination 2015
  • Curse The Summer - No. 6 Fred's   Records chart  
  • Has shared the stage with: Anvil,
    Mesrine, Caym, Sentimental Gentlemen, The Combine, Dumpster Mummy, Black Tremor, Devastator, Deadgaard, and many more.

Dave Mustaine, Alexi Laiho, Jeff Waters, Tony Iommi, Mille Petrozza, Dave grohl, Bill ward, Dave lombardo, Joey jordison, Ken Owen, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton,
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Metal on Loud #8
Metal on Loud #6